Wednesday, March 31, 2010

21 days? I can do that!

I was reading Loretta's blog today and decided to get in on her Spring challenge. She is challenging herself to exercise, among other things, for 13 weeks! If you want in on the challenge, you can make up your own goals. It's up to you.

SO...I started making a list of what KEY things I need to do consistently in order to make positive changes so I can REALLY meet my goal. After making MY list, I decided that I would do my own mini-challenge! I am calling it SkinnyHollie's 21 Day Challenge!

A little background here... I HATE challenges! I always join them, but never follow through. I am a Gemini - it's hard for me to pay attention and follow-thru on things long-term. Especially when the road is a little uncomfortable. I always hit a bump, then have to start over. Or I lose my momentum. But not this time! I have YOU all to keep me accountable because I am OUTING myself to all 400 of my followers (another milestone I just met;).

Starting April 5 and going until April 26 (21 days), I will do the following EACH DAY:

1. EXERCISE - At least 30 minutes of SOMETHING - walking, weights, mowing the grass... ANY type of activity that is challenging and that can be considered exercise.
2. MEDIFAST - I will follow the new diet that has been recommended to me - it is around 1200 calories with lots of protein and no more than 100 carbs. I will give it 21 days - no cheating - to see what kind of results I can obtain. I think this is enough time to really see if this is something I want to continue. But I hate to quit until I've given it a chance to work.
3. WATER - AT LEAST 100 oz. of water daily.
4. SUPPLEMENTS - I am going to get back on my supplement regimine. I stopped taking supplements when I started Medifast because they claim their products have all I need. But I swear by my supplements, and I feel better when I take them.
5. JOURNAL - I will journal everything I put in my mouth, good or bad!
6. BLOG/TWEET/FACEBOOK - To stay accountable, I will post SOMETHING every day on this blog, on Twitter, or on my Facebook fan page. On good days you can find me on all three!
7. SLEEP - I will strive for 7 - 8 hours of sleep every night.

Last year on the day after Easter, I started eating clean and following a totally new healthy eating plan that my friend, Yvette, planned out for me. I lost over 30 lbs while following that plan, and it was the boost I needed to keep going at the time. That was the first time in my life that I had ever made a break from processed foods, sugar, and caffeine. I made changes that still are with me right now! I will never eat the same way I used to... I am conscious now of what types of food I eat, even when I am eating foods that aren't good for me.

I now know that clean, healthy, whole foods are best. And honestly, I didn't realize how important that is for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. I was so used to finding foods with the lowest points value, and I didn't care how processed it is. Although Medifast food is high in nutrition, it is still processed, so that is one reason I know I won't do it for the rest of my life. But now I get to eat two whole meals that are going to consist of lean meat, veggies, and healthy fats - whole food that I know is good for me. I pray this will work because I need a boost of weight loss to get me going in the right direction, so I can pick up with clean, healthy foods and keep moving forward (and the scale will keep moving downward).

I am hoping that this year, I can kick it into gear again and get the same type of results that I did last year. Only this time, I want to keep going, and finally meet my goal. I don't want the healthiness to end after 21 days... I am hoping it's just the beginning of some positive habits that will stick around for a while!

I formed an introLEAGUE called SkinnyHollie's 21 Day Challenge if anyone wants to join. IntroPlay is a site where you can log your exercise, and you can also challenge your friends there! If that link doesn't work, let me know and I can send you an invite via Email.

Tomorrow will be a LOOOONNNNGGG day, but I am very excited about my weekend get-a-way! I am off to bed!