Monday, February 15, 2010

Time to REFOCUS!

Wow... Does this happen every year? Everyone starts off so strong on January 1 with their weight loss goals and plans for healthy living. The gym is packed and everyone is on a diet. Then around mid-February, everyone loses that momentum and it's back to the same old bad habits. I am totally guilty of this every year. And today, as I was eating a donut and drinking a cup of coffee, I realized that I am totally losing focus on this journey...AGAIN. The question is... am I going to keep going down this path, or get my butt in gear?

I am most definitely gonna stop the madness NOW! The past two weekends have been TERRIBLE! As I was driving around, running errands this evening, I took some time to reflect on WHY I am veering off track:

1. Due to an unusual amount of winter weather in TN, my children and I have been having way too many days off from school and our structure is out the window!
2. My daughter is doing after-school tutoring and getting ready to go on a science trip at school and almost every afternoon she is late coming home from school... which pushes my gym trip after dinner... then I am tired and losing momentum...
3. I am not preparing my lunch and supplements at night like I am supposed to...
4. I have stopped saying "no" to people who offer me food that is NOT on my plan.
5. I have started dating again... which has equaled late-night snacking, eating out, and too much wine!

The good thing is that I am gonna get back on track NOW instead of waiting until I have completely fell of the wagon. Right now, I don't feel like I am at the starting over point... just at the point where I need to get my priorities straight. I admit that when I start having fun, I lose focus. But part of this journey is learning how to have fun AND stay focused on my eating and exercise. It really helps that my new man is 100% supportive of me and my weight loss and encourages me so much to be my personal best. We talked tonight about how we have BOTH lost focus of our goals and priorities, and we are going to push each other to get back on track.

I am gonna crack open my Fat Flush book tonight and devise a plan for a detox starting TOMORROW MORNING. I just got the call that school has been cancelled tomorrow, so I also plan to have a long gym trip tomorrow, too! I have been really wanting a pedicure, so I decided that would be a good treat for me on Sunday if I can stay on plan 100% for the next 5 days (Tues - Sat). I am also going to start a new IntroLeague challenge to carry me into Spring Break (stay tuned for more details).

Let's NOT lose focus just because the "newness" of the "new year" has worn off... this journey is 365!