Monday, February 1, 2010

No More Scale!

Ok... the scale officially has to go. I got up this morning to get a Feb 1 weight to compare with my Jan 1 weight. The last time I weighed I was down about 4 lbs for this WEEK. But today, I was exactly at the same weight I was on January 1... 290.4. On Friday, I weighted 286.2. I will admit, I wasn't totally OP yesterday, but I was within my calories and had an hour of cardio at the gym. I will also add that I know TOM is coming. So I know there is an explanation for the fluctuation... BUT IT STILL PISSES ME OFF!

For the last two weeks I have worked my butt off to stay 100% on plan for 6/7 days, and 80% on plan for that one day. I have eaten clean. Yesterday was the first time I've had caffeine or sugar in WEEKS. And even that was just a one-time thing - not an all day binge-out. I am feeling so good about the way I am eating. And exercise? I have been in the gym every day (except Sat b/c it was closed for snow). So, knowing that I am giving it my best effort, why am I gonna let this scale number mess with me?

I was so mad this morning, I went in the kitchen to make breakfast, and something in my head almost said "f*ck it... what difference does it make anyway...". Luckily, I don't listen to "Fat Hollie" a lot anymore, and proceeded to make my healthy oatmeal. I also know that "urge" to binge has to do with the cookies (sugar) I had yesterday morning. See, I KNOW all of this. I am listening and paying attention. I am not going to give in because I know I am more than just a number on the scale.

I can look in the mirror and see progress. I can feel my clothes feeling loose and comfortable again. I feel awesome. SO... I have decided to FINALLY take my measurements today. And I have decided to get rid of the scale. My relationship with it is unhealthy - the scale actually sits beside my bed, lol. Science tells me that the number on the scale will eventually catch up. I also got this from Prior Fat Girl (Jen)... it's about what the scale DOESN'T say:


This really opened my eyes, and it's so clear that it's time to take real measurements and stop relying on the scale to see my progress... As long as I am on plan and working out like I am, I will lose weight and get toned and reach my goal!