Thursday, February 25, 2010

How drastic is TOO drastic?

Guess who has strep throat? ME! I feel terrible, but at least I don’t have an appetite. Life still goes on, so I will just have to struggle through it. Hopefully I will have the TIME to go to the doctor tomorrow. We are having some “issues” at my job and I think I would be risking my job to take off. I have class tonight, and a parent meeting, and a birthday dinner to go to. Thank GOD tomorrow is Friday!

I haven’t been “perfectly” on plan, but the binging is over. I even went out to eat last night and made good choices. I drank water, and only had a few bites of my friend’s dessert. No alcohol, but I wish I could have had a stiff drink! I had to take the kiddos on a shopping excursion for my oldest daughter’s school trip next weekend. By the time we got to the restaurant they were all driving me insane! Thank goodness my friend joined us and helped me diffuse the situation and momentarily regain my sanity, lol.

I spoke with a friend today and we talked a little about the reasons behind my inability to be consistent with my diet and exercise routine. I think my major problem is that I lack TIME. Because I run out of time in my day, I fail to PREPARE my food/plan for the day and end up eating anything I can grab quickly. I really think that if food is a “no-brainer” that I could do well. I think limiting my choices will also get me back in the mindset that I need food to live, and that I need to stop living for food. I LIKE to eat, and that affects my choices.

Last Spring when I was following my friend Yvette’s eating plan, I ate mostly the same meals each day. I really didn’t get bored with it, either, because I wasn’t concentrating on the food. The food was just fuel… nothing else. I have tried to get back to that mentality, but just can’t seem to get the mojo back. I have severe portion distortion, and can’t seem to get past wanting to eat what I want, instead of what I need. Then I go back to the lack of preparation… when I am not prepared I tend to grab what I want instead of what I need. Does this make sense at all?

I am thinking of doing something sort of “drastic”. “Drastic” as in going on a “diet” where all of my food is pretty much planned out for me ahead of time. “Drastic” as in my choices will be limited, but weight loss is pretty much guaranteed. I have researching the new Medifast plan (5 of their meals, 1 that I prepare). If I can work out the financial aspect of it, I think I am gonna do it. Or at least try it and give it 100%. The prospect of having pre-made meals (that I DON’T have to prepare) that I can just grab and go with everyday is VERY appealing to me. The one meal I prepare on my own is a lean meat and veggies, which I prepare 5/7 nights at my house anyway (because even when I am not on plan I cook this for my children).

At this point, doing it "on my own" is not giving me results. Small, gradual changes is not giving me weight loss, and it is frustrating. Maybe years of yo-yo dieting have just ruined my body. I eat 100% better than did 2 years ago, but I am still "stuck". Maybe drastic is just what I need right now. But is it too drastic?

I would love to hear of any experiences/thoughts/comments you have about Medifast…