Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back to NORMAL

After a weekend of “off” eating and not following plan, it feels good to be back to “normal”. Funny, but I no longer feel like I am on a “diet”. I am finally settling into a routine that is feeling like a “lifestyle”. Suddenly, it’s as if making healthy food choices and spending time each night in the gym is just something I do.

Tuesday we were out of school for a snow day (again!). I went to the store that afternoon, but right after dinner I got this horrible headache that I ended up going to bed with. So, I didn’t go to the gym because everyone kept saying it wouldn’t be a good idea with the headache. I really felt upset about not going! Like I was cheating, or doing something wrong. But the headache was so bad I could barely see out of my right eye. I don’t know what caused it, but it was gone by the time I woke up yesterday.

Yesterday morning was just a disaster... I woke up late, the kids were acting a fool, and it was a blizzard outside to drive to school in. They cancel schools around her when it threatens to snow, but the morning it is pouring down snow and slick outside, we had to go to school anyway! But the day did get better. I got a great workout in last night, and had a wonderfully healthy dinner (tilapia, asparagus, and a baked sweet potato).

Sometimes when I cook a healthy meal and really like it, I reflect on how far I’ve come. Pizza and fried chicken just don’t do it for me anymore! The whole time I am eating it, I just think about how horrible it is for my body. Then I feel like crap afterwards. But when I eat clean, whole, nutritious food, my body thanks me for it!

Yesterday I had to stop by the store to pick up some items for my kids to take to school for their Valentine’s parties tomorrow. One child had to bring chips; the other had to bring a bag of candy. SO, while in the candy aisle, I saw the Russell Stover and Cadbury Eggs and just REALLY wanted to get one of each. That was my old habit – to get one RS egg and one Cadbury egg each time I went to the store, and I would eat it in private on the way home. But yesterday, even though I wanted one, I did NOT indulge. And guess what? By the time I got to the checkout line I’d forgot all about the damned eggs! They are JUST NOT WORTH IT!

Class is cancelled tonight, so I will most definitely be able to get to the gym. I have some leftover taco soup from Tuesday that I plan on eating for dinner. Staying focused and on track!