Thursday, January 14, 2010

What is that you said, Jillian?

Huh? I can't hear you... I have my Ipod on and I am NOT listening!

What a difference great music makes when you work out!!! Last night, I had a great dinner with my besties. And even though I got home late, I immediately did my Day 3 workout before I could talk myself out of it. At the last minute, I got an idea... I put the TV on mute and put on my Ipod. Genius!!! The workout, although still very challenging, was SO MUCH BETTER! I guess the music made my mood better, so the workout passed by pretty fast. This DVD rotates workouts daily, so yesterday's workout was the one I did Monday. I was actually able to tune out Jillian and concentrate more on the moves, even the floor moves that were nearly impossible on Monday. I am still so sore, but in a good way.

Yesterday was about 90% on plan. I nibbled on a small piece of streusel when I was stuck in the teacher's lounge with a student. But I journaled it. I also tried not to have coffee yesterday, but after the stress with a student I had a headache and gave in. Yesterday my calories were around 1600, and I estimate I burned about 500 with the workout. Can't wait until I can get a heart rate monitor so I know for sure how many calories I am burning. I also downed about 130 oz. of water.

Ok... off to work. Just sipped a protein smoothie for breakfast, and my spring mix/baby spinach salad is already packed and ready to go!