Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Still in control.

First day back at work with students and they day went well. I had a healthy breakfast, and packed a healthy lunch. But what is amazing is how I still "think" about not following my plan. There is something about school lunch that tempts me! It's really crazy, because it's NOT even that good, but I WANT it sometimes. Maybe because it's fattening and forbidden... who knows! But I caught myself checking the school lunch menu to "see what we're having." Fried fish sticks, mac and cheese... and something else processed and full of fat. I stuck with my lunch from home. Then, my co-worker busted open a box of oatmeal snack cakes and sat two of them by me... and I was tempted again. I only like the REAL Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies, lol, so since these were knock-offs I easily convince my fat-loving-alter-ego to pass on them. The final straw was when I went to the mini classroom fridge and saw a big hunk of FUDGE from before we went on break. FUDGE that I had made for everyone!!!!! I knew it was delicious... but I quickly slammed the door before I could think twice.

I feel different about this leg of my journey, so maybe things with "stick" and I can continue my success now. It's about time that I stop playing around and make the right choices to make this happen. It's time for me to put ME first and know that I am worth the time, effort, and energy it takes to change my eating habits and lifestyle. My biggest task is to just PAY ATTENTION. It is so easy to reach for a handful of M&Ms, or say yes to a snack cake when someone offers you one, or keep going for slice after slice of pizza while you're watching your favorite show. Well, at least it's easy for ME to do that. Not even realizing how those calories and bad habits are stacking up against me and my waistline. My goal is to be conscious all the time. To know EXACTLY what goes into my body and to feel good about it.

My main goal for this week is to start PAYING ATTENTION and to eliminate added sugar. I also am back to at least 100 ounces of water. Baby steps. Next week, I will tackle caffeine, which for me, is in the form of coffee. I quit diet sodas back in the spring, and amazingly enough, that is one bad habit I did NOT re-start. But I am having about 16 oz. of coffee every morning with skim milk and splenda. I tried this morning to skip it, but I SO needed that energy.... But I quit it before, and I will quit it again. Just not at the same time I'm quitting sugar... ya feel me?

I have also decided to start journaling my food again. AND I am going to try something new this weekend. I am going to start planning a menu. My plan is to sit down on Saturday and plan a menu for the week. Breakfast and Lunch for me daily, and dinner for everyone every day. After I plan the menu, I am going to grocery shop ONLY for those meals for the week. Hopefully this will help me be prepared each day, and give me a plan to stick to. It will hopefully keep me from veering off track on nights that are busy, and make dinner time a no-brainer activity. I will know in advance what needs to be laid out that morning, and know just what I need to prepare for lunch the next day. Any kind of organization and preparation right now should help me A LOT! And to be successful, I need all the help I can get!