Saturday, November 7, 2009

Great to be back!

First things first! Woke up this morning STARVING! It felt so good to wake up in my own bed and go into my own kitchen to make a bowl of pumpkin oatmeal. AND the sun was shining! I knew it was gonna be a good day.

Right after breakfast I decided to work out. But since it was sunny and warm outside, I decided to skip the gym and go on a walk instead. I walked for an hour, and was wore out! I took a route where I knew there would be several hills, and boy did I feel them! But the walk was so pleasant... I love the pretty leaves you see on the trees during his time of year.

So right after I got back from my walk, one of my besties called and asked if I'd be interested in helping her clean her mom's house for some extra cash. Being that I am BROKE, I jumped at it. But before I left, I had a healthy lunch of shrimp, broccoli with reduced fat shredded cheese, and a few sweet potato fries (I love these). I forgot to take a picture, though. I figured if I had a healthy lunch, I would be less tempted to eat things I shouldn't while I was away from home.

My plan worked, because I wasn't hungry at all until we were done about 5 hours later. We scrubbed cabinets, hung curtains, and shampooed the floors. I might as well just went and worked out again! Man, I am TIRED and SORE!

On the way home, my friend suggested we eat sushi for dinner. When I told her I'd never had sushi, she insisted we go. Since I had always heard sushi could be low fat and low cal, I thought it would be a healthy choice. I took some pictures, because I have NO IDEA what I had, lol. I let her pick and surprise me. Overall, I liked it. I requested no raw meat, and know that a couple of the rolls had salmon or crab. And I do know we had California rolls, too.

Will I eat it again? Maybe....

I'm off to bed. I have plans for church in the morning, and also getting in some gym time if my body cooperates!