Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bad day to good day!

I've had a bad day. Work was so stressful! My students have been nuts since we got back from Fall break, and today was just one thing after another! Then, after work I had to deal with my mother... I usually can avoid her when I pick up my baby girl after school by just sending another kid in to get her, but today I had to pee, so I went inside. Ugh - just going to her nasty a** bathroom puts me in a funky mood! Thankfully, my children are my source of love and happiness right now, so after I picked them all up and we headed home I felt much better.

After dinner, I logged on to blog, then found that I had been featured on Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone at You've gotta be kiddin' me, right? First of all, I guess I was MIA from blogging world long enough that I didn't know MizFit and DietGirl had teamed up and were now doing podcasts! Second of all, I can't believe they picked me for a "human headline." Just when I was feelin' like such a weight loss FAILURE.

See, the past couple of days have been bad as far as eating for me. I lost control yesterday when birthday cake was being passed around my classroom, and I still haven't quite pulled it together. Stress, stress, and stress - combined with being sick with a cold - have pushed me right off the wagon. I haven't even been to the gym this week. Even if I had the TIME, I have been coughing and sneezing so bad I think it's best not to go. With H1N1 so rampant around here, they'd probably kick me out.

But when I came home today, I was feeling like such a failure. I was gonna blog about it, and saw the comment from MizFit, and now I feel so much better. Not just for getting the shout-out, but for the motivation I got from the podcast! It was awesome! I love MizFit and read her blog daily via email - but I also love Shauna and relate to her on so many levels. I read her book right after it came out (The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl) and if anyone knows about the ups and downs of dieting and losing weight its her. If you haven't read this book you must.

Anyway, here is some amazing things I took away (Not exact quotes):

From Shauna - Its okay to have a down period, but you can get back on track when you're good and ready.

From Carla - It’s okay to be a quitter… find something you are better at so you can get to your ultimate goal!

I WILL NOT QUIT when it comes to weight loss, but I AM going to quit a lot of the other bad habits I have picked up over the past few months. This past weekend was the first weekend at home I've had in MONTHS. No liquor, early bedtimes, and exercise instead of getting drunk, staying out until the sun comes up, and eating fast food to cure a hangover. I feel so much better, too, physically. But mentally - that's another story.

But mentally, I will get there, too! Things could be so much worse. Yeah, things are tough and times are hard. But I will get through, and I will get through without GAINING WEIGHT. I will keep getting back on the wagon because being on it is better than being off it. This is a journey that I am not going to quit. I really don't have a choice!