Keto meal plans!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Wow, ya'll really like me, lol!

Just wanted to check in to let you all know I'm alive and still kicking. Still dealing with mood/depression issues, but things are better. Thanksgiving was a bust as far as eating goes... I had one plate of food and was so stuffed I contemplated vomiting to feel better. UGH! That pretty much killed it for me... I didn't even take leftovers.

My ex-in-laws came to visit Wednesday and left today, so I've been busy entertaining them. I enjoyed the visit, and think it's cool they still think enough of me and the kids to drive 12 hours to visit, but I'm glad to have a little peace. My house is destroyed and the laundry is high, so you know what I'll be doing for the rest of the day and tomorrow.

I took a 50 minute walk today to clear my head. The sun was out today, which was nice. Tomorrow is a new day and the food portion of my "holidays" is over. No more baking, no more birthdays... I'm done and ready to focus.

And by the way... I am tossing the scale until January 1. The damned thing makes me so mad and frustrated, and I am obsessing about it again. I don't need that right now, so its gone!


  1. Good for you! The scale is a hateful, hateful machine. Mine is perilously close to being smashed...but to be fair, it's my fault. ;) Tomorrow's a new day, no more holiday weekend. Back to the battle!

  2. Good job. The scale is indead the devil but the key is just not giving up. Every day is a step close to losing weight. I was on the acai berries diets and stuck with it. Good luck

  3. You are not alone. Except for me I have a defensive move earlier in a week. A Japanese friend gave me a bottle of Tsuru Reishi capsules. Tsuru reishi, she explains is a popular vegetable dish to them for diabetes management and weight loss. My research says a compound in it binds with fat to prevent its absorption in the small intestine. And oh my, that butter ball in Thanksgiving sure is fatty but soooo delicious. I hope I'm prepared to Christmas and the New Year binge.

  4. I just started following your blog but I wish you the best.

    The scale has really gotten to me in the past. There was a time I would check it obsessively and get so mad that I wasn't losing weight. Withmy new weight loss attempt I'm only going to be checking it once a week at most. It's best to just not worry about how much you weigh and instead focus on how you feel and look.