Sunday, October 25, 2009


This morning I had to have a "come to Jesus" with my daughter, but it was also for me. I decided to go to church this morning, and when my daughter was trying on clothes to wear, NOTHING fit. Nothing. All of her clothes for church from last winter were too small. These are all size L or 12 misses clothing... The last time she weighed, she weighed about 180 lbs. My daughter is 12 and 5'7". Last week one of her polos for school was too small - and it was a size XL (from Aeropostale so I know it runs small, but still).

I told her that getting on the wagon and taking control of her weight was no longer something whe had an OPTION of doing with me. When I slack, it opens the door for her to do the same thing. I know I have to lose weight for my own health and happiness, but I also have to do it for my daughter. She sees nothing wrong with her weight, because all of the kids at her school who she is friends with are just as big, or BIGGER. Now-a-days its the NORM for children to be overweight. NO WONDER! At my kids' schools, they serve stuff like honey buns and funnel cakes for BREAKFAST, and their lunches aren't much better.

SO I told her that we are going to start out with her drinking at least 8 cups of water each day, and that she is also going to stop eating at school. She can eat breakfaast with me, and I can back both of our lunches for school everyday. Needless to say, she has been moody and pissy all day about this. But over and over I told her that she is not FAT, but that she needs to start making healthy choices and improve her eating habits for LIFE. I also told her that took responsibility for her having these habits, and that I know I need to set a better example.

This weekend has been good. Something changed on Friday, and it was like all the cobwebs and clouds in my mind disappeared. I had a good night Saturday night, and returned home yesterday to a clean house (thanks to my niece). And I have felt pretty good both yesterday AND today, and I'm trying to keep the momentum going. I already know a lot of it has to do with improving my eating and re-starting my supplements. I also got some really good advice and inspiration Thursday night from a close friend, and also from a blog I read....

"When you’re down in a dark hole gripping tightly to a shovel, there’s an illogical, unreasonable temptation to dig, even though digging can’t get you back to safety and can only make a perilous predicament even worse. Now’s the time for you to set aside the spade, take a deep, cleansing breath and start making that long climb back into the sunshine. Climbing is hard work, to be sure, but you know what? So is digging."

I read this on Jack Sh*t's blog the other day, and it was like an alarm went off in my head. It's time for me to stop digging, and to start CLIMBING!