Thursday, September 10, 2009

Really quick...

I just wanted to quickly post to explain why I've been MIA. My stress and problems have ballooned to the point where I am overwhelmed. My ex has been causing a lot of problems, to where I may have to move again so he can't bother me and my children. The problems have escalated over the past two weeks, to where yesterday I came home from work to find that he had broke in my house and stolen everything of value. I am trying to get the police to assist me, but they treat me like crap and won't help me. FINALLY today I got the powers-that-be to give me an order of protection.

So basically my children and I have been bouncing around like we are on the underground railroad. I keep waiting and waiting for things to get better, but it seems like they keep getting worse.

I think about all of my "blog friends" all the time, but even with a laptop I do not always have internet access. And now they have a new rule at school that we can not use the Internet to get online for personal stuff, or we might get fired. That means no blogging from work, either.

I promise to try to get it together by next week. I have not gain or lost, so I guess that's good. Somedays I feel like I wanna eat all day, but then some days I don't want to eat at all.

I'm literally falling asleep as I type...