Friday, August 14, 2009

Moving forward... TGIF!

TGIF! This has been a LLLLOOONNNGGG week! I hate being sick! I am feeling much better, but still have this awful cough, and am constantly out of breath and sweaty! Ugh! I can finally take a deep breath that fills my lungs, so I'm pretty sure I'm on the path to recovery. I am still not up to exercise, though, which BLOWS! I am totally missing my gym time. I even had to let my daughter mow the grass yesterday. It is awesome that she was willing to do it, though. I am so thankful.

Today I get my first paycheck since the end of May! Woo HOO! I am BROKE! It will be great to finally get some steady income rolling in. I have decided that I am buying a new pair of jeans today. The last time I bought jeans I wore a size 24 and they are ridiculously too big. I think I'm gonna shoot for a size 20 tonight, since my size 22 denim is getting really loose. I have a Lane Bryant coupon, and saw online yesterday where they have a new style of straight-leg jeans I want to check out. I am a boot-cut gal, but I think I wanna try something different.

Yesterday I was reading Jack Sh*t's blog and it really got me thinking about my level of commitment. Yes, I am doing a lot better than I did this summer, but I'm still not giving 100%. I admit that - there is not denial going on. Yes, I might get frustrated because the scale isn't moving, but it's my own fault. I don't have excuses, but I do have a solution. Get my ass in gear!

I read so many blogs, and I do see where some people eat cake icing out of the can and brownie batter in excessive amounts and wonder why they are not losing weight or re-gaining all the weight they lost. I feel for these folks because I've been there. At that time, something just had not "clicked" for me yet. I was in denial, going in circles. I was stressed out and going through so much emotional stuff that I was unable to concentrate on my weight loss. I wanted it so bad, but I didn't want it enough to commit to making the changes that are necessary to lose weight. I continue to read their blogs, because I know that one day it will "click", and I want to be there to celebrate with them.

But I also see where some people are really losing a lot of weight, or have already met their goal, and act like they are the know-it-alls of weight loss. One is no better than the other in my book. Statistics are pretty solid. The majority of people who lose a lot of weight gain it back, and the same people you pass on the way down, you will pass on the way back up. It just peeves me a bit when someone who has weighed over 400 lbs criticizes people like me (who don't lose consistently). Who makes them the expert? Keep that weight off for 10 or more years and then you can attempt to judge me.

Sorry for that tangent... it just got under my skin yesterday. I hate it when people think they are better than other people. Just one of my pet-peeves.