Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 2 - I am in control.

Yesterday went really well. Not only with the eating, but with the mood as well. I stuck to my goals and finished the day with about 11oo calories and 135+ ounces of water. Kinda on the low side, but I was completely satisfied. I did make it to the gym yesterday, and did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes on the dreadmill. May I add that I jogged 5 out of those 30 minutes? I could only jog in 1-minute intervals, but it felt so good. I started to cough about half-way thru the time on the treadmill, but it wasn't bad so I pushed thru. I really need to get as much walking/jogging time in as possible to train for the upcoming 5K.

I felt like I was in control yesterday. I was not hungry, and I didn't have any crazy urges to cheat or go off my plan. Even though I still have cupcakes from my daughters party still sitting on my kitchen table... But I grilled chicken breasts for dinner and leftovers, and did not mind my steamed veggies instead of salad. I really DO NOT like vegetables, so it's always hard for me to eat them. But I will, because they are good for me. I plan on going to the gym tonight, but unfortunately I left my I-pod at home and will have to go home first. Hopefully I will not get sidetracked...

I found out yesterday that my next door neighbor hand her son have H1N1 (Swine flu). The little boy got it first, and now the mom is sick with it. They will be ok because they caught it early. But it still miffs me a little that they have not made an announcement at the school that there has been a confirmed case. The little boy goes to my son's school, and his brother (who is not sick yet) is in my youngest daughter's class at another school. The absentee rate at the schools in our district have been really high for the last two weeks - it seems like they should have figured out by now they need to shut things down until these kids get well.

I "remembered" yesterday that my on-campus classes start tomorrow - so my gym plans will be wrecked. I will have to go to school on Wed and Thurs afternoons. And now they childcare at my gym is closed on Friday afternoons. I will simply have to figure out another way to get activity. I have PLENTY of DVD's to choose from, and the weather is getting cooler so walking around my neighborhood is always an option, right? I just LOVE going to the gym, and hate that I will have to do something else.

Ok... so here goes for a successful day 2! Wish me luck...