Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 72 - Trying to prioritize

Today I vowed to get my priorities together. I am so overwhelmed with being a broke, single mom, going to school full-time, and trying to teach a very challenging summer school class. On top of that, I am going through a divorce and trying to deal with an ex who is full of sh*t. And then, oh, yeah, I'm trying to eat healthy and exercise regularly to try to lose 100+ lbs. There just isn't enough hours in the day it seems.

SO today I really tried to make an effort to get on a schedule and to get caught up on my school work. That really didn't happen... After work today, it was HOT HOT HOT outside and I felt so drained. My kids were begging for the pool, so guess what? We went to the pool. Part of me knows that after July 1 we won't be able to go during the day anymore because of the on-campus classes I will start taking. Part of me just felt like I wanted to go to the pool! We stayed for about 3 hours, and then while we were there I worked out on the elliptical for 45 minutes. I planned to do an hour, but my I-pod died about 30 minutes into my workout. Plus, a line started forming for the machines and I was starting to feel pretty weak. I still think I had a great workout and felt good about making that a priority.

When we got home, it was dinnertime. Since it was so hot and I didn't really feel like eating, I whipped up a protein shake for myself. Then the ex called and said he wanted to take the kids to McDonald's for dinner. I was kinda pissed to see him drive up in a new car that he'd just bought. Ok, it's not brand new, and I know he needs a car since he's been borrowing his friend's car for about a month now. But my thing is, how do you pay $1200 for this car when you can't pay me a dime in child support? According to him, since he works at a dealership they are going to take it out of his pay. But I think he's full of it.

Then he had the nerve to call me from McDonald's and started lecturing me on how he didn't like the fact I am dating someone (yes, I'm dating someone) and that the kids know about it. He didn't think the fact that he also has a girlfriend that my kids have MET was important. And I think he also let it slip that she gave him the money for the car. I don't care about any of that. What got me is that he kept repeating how no man in his right mind would ever seriously be interested in someone like me. He went on and on about how I'm broke, and I have 3 kids... yada yada yada. According to him, my best option is just to get back with him. Yeah, right.

Ok, I'm venting now. But it pissed me off. I was by myself at home and needed to do something. NO, I didn't binge or eat my way through it. I decided to mow the lawn, lol. I was still dirty and sweaty from the pool and my workout, so I figured I might as well get some more exercise in and tackle the lawn. And I did feel better and got a chance to blow off some steam. So, after the kids got home I took a nice, hot shower, cleaned my house a little. And now, I'm off to bed. Without opening a book...

I know tomorrow is going to be a long day, because after work I have to take my mother to the doctor. I will bring one of my books with me and try to read while she's there. When I get home, I will do homework for the rest of the day. The house is clean, the lawn is mowed, so I shouldn't have anything standing in the way of me focusing on school work. I figured I can take a break during the evening to run to the gym for an hour or so, then come back and get back on it. I HAVE TO. I'm so behind.

This weekend went pretty well as far as eating and activity. I skipped the gym Sunday and Monday because I worked on my flower beds for several hours on both days. The weeds were out of control! There were some that looked like trees they were so tall! I had to use the shovel to dig them out, and man it wore me out! My body is still sore from the squatting and pulling I did. But I figured it was a good workout on both days, and my yard looks so much better. I know better than to let it get out of control like that anymore!