Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 59 - Slow and steady...

Sorry I haven't been updating every day, but there's really been nothing to update! I'm still on plan, still feeling great, etc. It seems like the weight-loss aspect of my life is really chugging along really well. It's seems more like habit now than a constant battle. Yes, it still takes daily effort because I always have a choice as to whether or not I am going to eat well or eat something bad for me. But for RIGHT NOW I seem to be making good choices. The weight is coming off slowly, but that's okay! Each week I lose something - which is better than no loss or a gain.

Last week I started the walking challenge, and am still doing pretty good with that. There were a couple of days over the weekend that I didn't get to walk because I was away from home for the entire day, but yesterday I made sure I got back on it. I am also excited to report that I have a gym membership now! I found out that school district employees got a deep discount at our local fitness center, so I decided to go for it. Yeah, I really could have used the money for something else. But my children love going to the pool in the summer, and I know it will help me for weight loss. So I think it was a good choice.

Summer school is going well. The children I work with are so sweet, and the days pass by really fast. It's only Tues/Wed/Thurs for the month of June. So far I still have not secured another job. I have talked to Target twice, and they seemed super interested in me coming back, but I still haven't heard anything. Truth be known, I kind of like the time off. I am having a blast with my kids, and am getting a lot of "housekeeping" done. It's nice to just have the time to do NOTHING, lol. I must do a whole lot of nothing, though, because I am busy every day!

I see that so many of my blogger friends are doing great, and there are also some that are still struggling. I think about you all often, and you really help keep me going! I have so much admiration and get so much out of those of you who are at goal or maintaining. But I also love my friends who are taking it day by day like I am. It's such a struggle, but hopefully all of us will come out on top this time!