Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 53 - Are YOU walking?

Today is the first day of my walking challenge! And today it did prove to be a challenge, but I did it anyway. I got a 90-minute walk in - although it was at a pretty moderate pace. But I was moving, and I was tired as HELL by the time I was done. And the last part of it was in the rain, so I should get some points for that!

I have been back on plan this week, and I'm so happy about that. TOM is here, so I don't feel 100%, but I know that I am headed in the right direction. This week has really made me see, though, how fitness and a healthy lifestyle can be so important in the career path I've chosen (special education). Working with my summer school class, I really have to be on my toes! We have some very "active" students - some are runners! So for the 3 hours I am there, I am constantly on the move, with barely enough time to grab a drink of water every so often. I am so glad that I wake up to a healthy breakfast in the mornings, because I need it to last me until lunch time. I am also glad that I am physically able to do my job, and will be able to keep up when I am in a classroom all day in the future.

Well folks, today has been downright shitty. I don't want to get into it on here, but my feelings got hurt today :( Not by Clyde this time (shocker, I know), but by someone else I really care about. Yeah, it sucks. But the long walk helped get my mind off things for a little while. Now I'm just going to try to go to bed and hopefully tomorrow will be better.