Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 46 - Getting down to business...

Today has been one of those productive days for me. Had to take my mom to the dr. this morning, so it was an early rise. I got several things done I've been putting off. I still need to STUDY and wrote a paper, but I'm getting there.

This afternoon I took a break from studying and played in the yard with my kids for a while. They LOVE playing with our neighbor kids, and are so much more active than they used to be. I like to get out there and work in the yard and just be OUTSIDE now. Especially when the weather is nice like today. I decided to take a couple of pics of the flowers in my yard, and my daughter asked to take my picture since I had on one of my new outfits, and she said I looked "pretty". So being the wannabe photographer she is, she took several pictures.
I was just posing away - and then it dawned on me that I was NOT hiding from the camera! This is SO not me way I used to be. But I feel so much more confident than I used to. I was downloading the pictures, and couldn't believe the pictures were of ME. I realized that I not only feel genuine, but I look that way, too.
In the past, I would have sat and looked at pictures of myself and immediately would get depressed. Today, I was pleased, and actually think I'm kinda HOT!

In my comments from yesterday (thank you for all the compliments!) someone mentioned arms, and wearing sleeveless tops. As you can see, my arms are still very big, but that has NEVER stopped me from wearing sleeveless! When it's hot, the sleeves have gotta go! Big arms or not! But this year, I do think they have improved. Of course, I still have a LONG way to go - but I'll get there!
One other thing - I have been trying to comment on my favorite blogs all week. But for some reason, I cannot post comments from my home computer. I used to just wait and comment from my school computer, but since I still have not got my laptop Internet-ready, I'm stuck on my PC for blogging for the time being. SO I just wanted you all to know that I WANT to comment, and will even type out the comments. But it won't POST! I don't know why? But I am still reading all the blogs daily, and am so encouraged by you ALL!