Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 45 - New Clothes!

I am so happy right now! Just got back from SHOPPING with my birthday gift cards! Ask and you shall receive, right? I told you a few days ago about a wonderful someone who reads my blog (thanks Ritter!) sending me a $50 Lane Bryant Gift card, right? Well, two other good friends (thanks Jacal and Yvette) gave me gift cards after that for my birthday, so I got to go and FINALLY get some clothes that fit!

I am a firm believer in trying on clothes before I buy them. If I don't love an item, I don't buy it. So, I got to try on SEVERAL pair of pants, and it's official - I am now a size 22. 9 out of 10 pair that I tried fit perfectly! And I am also wearing a size 18/20 shirt!?! What?!? Yeah... since giving up sugar and starting my new plan, I've noticed that I have lost a lot of fat around my belly, which might explain the even smaller top size. Here is some of my loot:
I also got 3 more ribbed tanks (size xxl from Old Navy!) because I love to wear ribbed tanks in the summer. With the ONE pair of capri's I already had that are still wearable, I think I'm good to go! Most of my tops and bottoms will mix and match, so I don't need anything else until I am in a size 20 bottom! Yes!

I decided to also do a side-by-side comparison. The picture on the left is me at the beginning of my journey (9/2008). The picture on the right is me today, weighing 50 lbs less! I still can't tell a huge difference in the picture, but the difference in real life is amazing!