Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 33 - Back to basics

Yesterday was so stressful. OMG, at one point I just wanted to gouge my damned eyes out so maybe they would just let me go home and hide in my room for a while. But I didn't, and things got better last night. Sometimes I just have to breathe and chill out. I talked to a friend for a while last night, and that got my mind of the disorganization of my life. He suggested that I really need to get my priorities in order - or take time to re-evaluate my priorities and he is right. I have so many balls in the air. And I always end up dropping a few...

I was supposed to have my summer school lesson plans done YESTERDAY - not done. I have a paper due tomorrow - that I haven't started. And do you think I have been journaling my food or eating on schedule? NO. Yes, I am still eating GOOD food, still staying away from sugar and caffeine. BUT I know that I must be vigilant about staying focused on my weight-loss journey so I won't slip.

So today has been back to basics for me. I went back to my food journal from Week 1 of this eating plan, and am taking it from there. So far, I have done very well. I have stayed on schedule and have taken all my supplements and am drinking water like a champ. I am going to MAKE IT MY BUSINESS to keep it up this weekend. There is only FOUR days of school left, so I am going to have to get used to staying on my schedule on days that I don't have a routine going. This summer is still pretty much in the air for me with no definite job plans except for summer school. I have to be able to pull this off no matter what obstacles I might face. I AM WORTH THE EXTRA TIME, EFFORT, AND ENERGY. I AM MY FIRST PRIORITY.

Well, I'm glad I have decided what number one on my priority list is!