Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 20 - Stress!

Yesterday was quite possible the WORST day I have had in quite a while. But thank goodness the only thing that was good about it is that I controlled my eating! No stress eating, or emotional eating. I still ate good food and made good choices. That is a step in the right direction! So... here's my list of difficulties:

1. I overslept. The storms rolled in Thurs. night and knocked our power out. Thankfully, it was a teacher in-service day (no students) and I didn't need to be there until 8 a.m.
2. Rushing out the door, found that my cat had drug a DEAD BIRD into the garage. Feathers, blood, bird EVERYWHERE! Had to go back in and calm down my poor, traumatized baby.
4. Planned on going home for lunch, but lightning hit our town's tornado siren and no one could leave the building. Didn't get to leave until 2 p.m. Thank GOD I had a yogurt and some almonds with me.
5. By the time I got home I was STARVING and totally off of my eating schedule. But I DID NOT grab the first thing I saw... quickly prepared something easy and on plan.
6. Clyde and I got in a HUGE argument. HUGE! The kind where you scream and curse for an hour and are worn out at the end. The bastard stole my riding mower and trailer out of my yard! And sold it! To pay his rent! When my damn rent was due today, and I only have $20 to last me TWO weeks after paying it!
7. Started my period.

After all this... I was in the WORST mood. I just closed myself in my room to calm down. I wasn't thinking about eating, and didn't feel tempted to binge. But I thought it best to stay as far from the kitchen as possible. I ended up eating a protein bar for dinner (in my room, lol). I got out my crochet project, but ended up playing Mafia Wars for about five hours until I went to bed. I slept like a baby, and woke up this morning feeling like a new woman!

I also need to give "mad props" to my oldest daughter. I have a huge fear of birds - have been ever since I was a child and our cats used to drag them home. My daughter knows this, and volunteered to clean up the dead bird mess out of my garage for me! It was the biggest damn mess - feathers EVERYWHERE! But she put on some gloves and I gave her directions on how to do it without contracting BIRD FLU, lol. After the argument with Clyde, she took charge and made dinner for herself and her brother and sister, and basically held down the fort while I hid away in my room.

Needless to say she is no longer on punishment for the cell phone incident at school the other day. I have awesome children!

Still raining, and soccer was canceled. I officially have "nothing" to do today, lol. I guess I better start that laundry....

AND DON'T FORGET ABOUT INSPIRING STORIES FOR W8LOSSCHICK! I was honored to be featured yesterday, btw.

Some of you guys are AMAZING, and I would love to see you share your story. Don't make me start calling you out, lol :))