Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tossing the scale

Sometimes I really want to toss my scale out the window. It is a love/hate relationship, let me tell you. I have been doing VERY well since Saturday. I have really been sticking to the eat-every-three-hours schedule, and now, if I listen, my body will tell me when I am hungry. I have been eating wholesome food, lots of fruit and veggies, and tons of water. But - the scale is still not my friend.

I have really been trying to avoid sugar, but failed miserably yesterday when my co-worker plopped a bag of mini candy bars on my desk. The smell of chocolate hypnotized me and I was broke down. Then, I had a cupcake with my kids. THEN I had a few pieces of candy that I was stuffing Easter eggs with to send with my kids to school today. I was doing well today until that same damned co-worker threw chocolate in my face again! AGGHH! I only had a few small pieces, but it was enough for me to feel the sugar rush. So I came home and disposed of the few pieces that were left over from the Easter eggs I had to stuff for school last night - so it is GONE. But I know tomorrow is going to be another challenge since the kiddos all have Easter parties at school and will be bringing it home. I knew I should have waited for the sugar detox until after Easter, but hey... at least I'm getting practice.

Each time I am presented with a food that is within my points range, but has sugar or white flour, and I say no, I feel like I have triumphed. For example, I say no to chocolate milk every day. And the good school pizza today. And even small amounts of candy - I know I have points for them, but I do not need the sugar. I really doing a lot of planning to make sure I have meals and snacks at the right times that are healthy and balanced. I figure that as long as I keep trying, everything will even out. Now, I just need to let go of how those numbers on the scale are making me crazy.

I have been stepping on the scale every morning, and the numbers keep creeping up! WTF! OK - it is TOM, and I KNOW I used to gain as much as 10 lbs during this time, but for some reason I still expect to see the numbers go DOWN because I am eating well. I am not going to give up, though. I feel really good and my clothes keep getting looser, which I love. I FEEL thinner, so I know that's important. My self-confidence is soaring. But I just want to see that number! MizFit has a great blog today about the scale. I think I'm going to take her advice and stay away from it. She suggests using a pair of pants to gauge your progress. I just so happen to have this pair of linen Capri pants that I have been trying to fit into for three years...