Friday, April 3, 2009

Ready, set...GO!

Tomorrow is my first 5K. I will be walking with my daughter and my nephew, who are both 11. Although I'm excited, I am still a little nervous because I don't walk as fast as some people. I'm glad I will be walking with my children so I can blame my slowness on them, LOL. I just got my shirt and Event Schedule. It will begin at 8:30 a.m., with the runners going first and the walkers following behind. The awards presentation isn't until 10 a.m., and I know we can finish by then. I figure it will take us about an hour, since we do our 1.6 mile walk in exactly 30 minutes (going slow). This 5K is being sponsored by my son's elementary school, and is promoting "fitness for our kids and community". I am glad I am able to do it with my daughter and nephew.

I feel a lot better today. I don't have that "I just had a baby" feeling in my stomach, and my energy is better. I have decided to start my sugar detox tomorrow. I am not going as strict as phase 1 South Beach to begin with, because I still want to be able to eat oatmeal. But I will not be adding sugar or artificial sweetener to anything. I will not eat white rice or white flour or white anything (except for milk). Hopefully this will help a lot with the cravings. I wanted to wait until next week to start, since I can't afford to go grocery shopping until Thursday. But like someone said in a comment yesterday, why wait? No time like the present.

My class had DONUTS this morning, and I had 2. This sounds terrible, but I'm actually quite proud of the fact that I only ate two. And that was INSTEAD of my cereal, not in addition to. What makes me mad is that my Newman's cereal or oatmeal will keep me full until Lunch, but I ate those two donuts two hours ago and I'm starving. This is exactly why I need to ditch the sugar. For lunch I brought a can of soup. I have a lot of food in my pantry that are low in fat/calories, but are not foods that I want to continue eating in my new, clean-eating lifestyle. Canned soup is one of them - so I'm going to try to eat through my pantry/refrigerator and get a clean start on my Thursday grocery trip. I know some people are able to just throw away food - but I'm not that person.

I am going to quit my PT job at LB. I know I need the money, but I'm so tired of working two jobs. I'm tired of not having any time for myself (or my kids) on the weekends. It is $200 a month that I'll just have to find elsewhere. I actually have a refrigerator and a riding mower that I need to put on craigslist, so if I get $200 for each, that's two months worth of work right there. See, if I didn't have to work this weekend I might have the time to take the pictures and post the ads...

I also feel like I am falling behind in my schoolwork. I have a major project that was due on Saturday, with an extra week extension and I am still not done with it! I am just too "scattered" and can't concentrate on it. I am not the type to slack on my classes, so I know I need to get my ass in gear. Yeah, I'm going to call LB right now and let them know that my plate is too full, and I have to start scraping off the excess.