Thursday, April 9, 2009

Only two more hours...

...until my three-day weekend begins! Wahoo! It is a glorious, sunny day outside and I'm in a great mood. I wore a bright colored shirt today, and my hair down, and am loving the fact that my size 24 jeans are super-loose! I have been eating well today - heck, all week has been good! Even with the minor candy slip-ups, my food intake has improved 100% over what it has been. I have been eating tons of fruits and veggies, along with lean meat and whole grains. This clean eating is great, as is the 3-hour eating. My body is thanking me big time. TOM has been this week, and I haven't felt bloated, irritable, or crampy not ONE time! That is amazing in itself.

I have a lot planned this evening. A small grocery trip after school (we are out of everything), then soccer practice, and then to a friend's basketball game. We then plan on hanging out with Jess and her kids and spend the night with them at their new apartment. We are thinking about getting a babysitter and going out, but who knows. We are kinda tired of going out after our Spring break escapades!

Hopefully the weather will stay warm and dry so I can get out and walk tomorrow. I might even take my field trip to Nashville for the grocery expedition I mentioned earlier this week. I'm excited about that. Thanks to those of you who gave me suggestions for my grocery list. I have decided that we will not have an Easter egg hunt this year at my house. I don't want to be around that much candy. I know that two of my kids are having Easter parties at school today, and my oldest will get over it. Besides, I totally forgot that Saturday is my class reunion. That morning from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. they are having a picnic/Easter egg hunt at a park in Nashville for families. That should be enough Easter festivities for the kiddos.

Saturday night is the adult portion of the reunion at some chic restaurant in Nashville. I dread it. I hate going back fatter this year than I was 5 years ago (when I was size 18). I might not even go, but everyone says I should. I guess it depends on how the picnic goes. I am also thinking about going to church on Easter. I still have to think about that, too.