Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 13 - Heat stroke!

It is HOT in TN! went from cold to in-between. This morning was a busy one. Orientation for summer term was today, and my kids also had soccer games. I went to school at 8 am and picked up my schedule, then went to soccer from 8:30 to 12:15, then rushed back home, dropped off my kids, and rushed back to school. I was there for a few hours so I could get my syllabus and meet the teacher for both of my classes, then came back home. And then I was EXHAUSTED! It was so hot out today, I just felt like the heat had zapped my energy. Then I took a good look in the mirror, and I am sunburned! Even with SPF 50 I always get so tanned in the summer, but my arms are burning. I was going to cut the grass today, but after Clyde called and offered to do it tomorrow, I decided to let him. Yeah, it's good exercise, but I was so tired! Besides, my knee has been killing me today! I can hardly put weight on it. Ugh!

I was trying to fight the urge to turn on the AC in the house. I have had all the ceiling fans going and windows open for two days, but at 8 p.m. when it was still 86 degrees in the house, I decided to turn on the AC. I can't stand to be hot when I'm asleep. SO, after a terrible night of sleep last night from sweating, I am on my way to blissful slumber tonight. I am going to take a cool shower, wash my hair, and jump into the clean sheets I just put on my bed. I might even put on nightclothes, lol!

This is my second weekend on my new plan, and everything went well today. I got up early so I could have a good breakfast, and took a LUNA bar for a snack at the game. Since I was rushing at lunch time, I whipped up a protein shake I could take with me in the car. And for dinner I had a huge salad. I have some fruit for my pm snack. And because of the heat, I made sure to get a lot of water down today. It was super-easy, though.

I did have to fight the cereal-aisle demon tonight at Publix. I have a water cooler at my house, and I take my 5 gal. jug to Publix for refills. Since I also needed milk, I had to actually go inside the store. I picked up more lettuce, along with a chunk of watermelon and a pear. I don't know why I was wandering down the cereal aisle.... But I spotted the Cap'n Crunch - BOGOF. Yes, I thought - WE LOVE CAPN CRUNCH. But then I had to stop - could I bring this in the house just for my kids? Did I have the willpower to stay away from it? I guess the answer was NO, because I didn't get it. Sometimes I still feel weak when it comes to certain foods I used to binge on. Cereal is one of those triggers.

I have also really been wanting a soda. Clyde was drinking the last Diet Pepsi that I had in my refrigerator the other day when he was over with the kids, and I just had the urge to snatch it out of his hand! So I bought some sparkling water, and a Diet-7up (even though I know it has artificial sweeteners I thought that would be better than the caffeine). I had a bottle of sparkling water today, and I really think it's the refreshing carbonation that I am craving, not the actual caffeine. Good thing my kids thought I bought that 7-up for them and have almost drank the whole 2-liter! I never let my kids drink soda, so whenever I bring 7-up or Sprite home they think it's a treat for them, lol.

Hopefully tomorrow will go as well (eating-wise) as today. I am feeling more confident as each day goes by!