Saturday, April 4, 2009

57:17 / I am not on a diet...

First things first... today I walked in my first 5K race. It was exciting, and I'll definitely do it again. I DID NOT COME IN LAST, lol! There were actually a lot of people behind me when I crossed the finish line. My time was 57:17, so I was able to meet both goals I had set for myself (to finish in under an hour, to not be the last walker to cross the finish line). My daughter and my nephew also had a great time.

Today is my first conscious sugar-free day. It's been okay. It's funny, but whenever I put a restriction in my brain, I freak out a little. I go into this "diet" mentality, and immediately want to quit. This morning, I had a great bowl of pumpkin oatmeal with just a little bit of brown sugar, and it tasted just fine! After the 5K, I chose a banana from the snack tent. Then at around 3 p.m. after I had run errands and mowed my grass, I realized I was famished. My children wanted Subway, so I figured why not? So we go to Subway, and I started to panic because of the bread. Is it okay to eat bread? So then, standing there in line, I told my self to stop it. I always get wheat bread, which has to be better than white bread and has lots of fiber.

This is about making a positive change for my body. If I can stop eating added sugar, white bread and rice, and other "bad" carbs, it will still be a positive change. Yeah, some people can go cold turkey from everything, but obviously I am not that person. Now, turning down one of those yummy cookies took self control, and so did driving by McDonald's instead of getting an Iced Latte this morning. It would have been easy to grab a cereal bar or some crackers off the snack table set up at the 5K this morning, but I chose fruit instead. It's about good choices, and I am proud of the one's I've made today.

I am no longer a Lane Bryant employee. After the 5K today, my daughter and nephew and I went to Walmart to pick up a few things. Then I dropped off nephew, picked up my other two kids, and we headed home. It's a BEAUTIFUL day today, but supposed to turn cold and messy again tomorrow. My grass desperately needed to be cut, so I figured since I was sweaty and tired anyway I might as well get the mowing out of the way. O.M.G. I barely got finished - I was WIPED out. I was only working with the bowl of oatmeal and banana, so my body needed fuel (even though I didn't feel hungry at all). My leg was hurting, and after I got out of the shower I felt like my body had been hit by a truck.

I called LB to see on the off chance if someone wanted my shift (people have been begging for hours). The manager got smart with me, and it went down hill from there. I told her I wanted to quit, and she told me not to come back... so in my eyes everything worked out great! It was like a burden was immediately lifted from me. Now, I get to relax for the rest of the evening with my kiddos. AND, I get to sleep in tomorrow morning! Life is good!