Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Too much fun...

Man, I really had a lot of fun this weekend! Yesterday I woke up WAY late, and tried to work on laundry. I left out at around 2 p.m. to run errands, and didn't get back until almost 7 p.m. Jessica came over with her 4 boys, and we made burgers (they were awesome). At 9 p.m., an old friend of mine called and stopped by. Jess and her boys didn't leave until 11 p.m., and Pam didn't leave until after midnight. My kids were up WAY too late for a school night, but we were havin' fun! It was so good to hang out with Pam because she has always been one of the funniest people I know. She dumped her abusive/control-freak man last year after 15 years, and I've never seen her so happy. She assures me that I'll get there, too. If last weekend is any predictor, I'm on my way to good times and happiness. I have smiled and laughed so much over the past few days. It feels good!

If any of you are on Facebook look me up! I've always heard it's addictive, and now I see why. I signed up Sunday night, and by yesterday I had a dozen or more friend requests from people in high school/college that I haven't seen or heard from in YEARS. I guess now is a good time in my life to catch up with old friends, right?

I am going to try to arrange a Weight Watcher's meeting this afternoon. If I can get my mom to watch my son for a little while longer after school, I'm going to the at-work meeting. There are only two weeks left in this session, then they'll start another block that will carry us through the end of the school year. I've put the money back for it (from my tax refund). At this money-crunch time in my life, I hate to spend the money, but I'm worth it. I like going to WW meetings, and I ALWAYS lose weight when I stick to meetings. Honestly, I think I can justify this expense as I would if I needed to buy medicine every week.

Yesterday I took my mom to Lane Bryant Outlet, and they offered me a part-time job. Well, they gals in there offer me a job every time I come in there. But the manager personally gave me an application yesterday and told me that I could only work weekends if I wanted to. I thought that was nice, and since I sure miss my the money I made working a second job I'm gonna do it. The hours during the week would be from 5 - 9, which isn't too late. But I don't have to work during the week if I don't want to, and can only work weekends. This is doable, and even if it's $50 a week, that's $200 per month that will help me tremendously right now.

Because of my late night, I didn't prepare my lunch for today, but I still decided to make the best of a bad situation. I brought a packet of oatmeal for lunch (quick, right?) and a lot of fruit. And bottled water since I didn't drink a lot of water this weekend. The new WW rule about "liquids" kind of confuses me. I def get enough "liquids" every day, but I still feel like I'm lacking if I don't get at least 6 glasses of water per day on top of the coffee, diet soda, etc. that I drink. Maybe I'm just old school, but who knows.