Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday already...

This week seems to have just flown by! I didn't post yesterday because I was pretty uninspired. I ate very well, and stayed within my points. I said no to the cereal that was calling my name last night, and even tried to go to bed early (11:15 p.m.). I went back to Publix last night and re-upped my supply of fruit. I'm still good on veggies, but the fruit was all gone. I got mangoes, oranges, applies, strawberries, and a pear. Before I went to bed I made a fruit salad w/ mangoes, pears, and strawberries to take to work today. I also brought along a bowl of baby spinach, and planned on eating it for lunch with some of the fruit and a new raspberry vinaigrette dressing I bought. Never really tried a vinaigrette before, but I thought it looked good. When I got to work I remembered that I had a packet of light tuna, so I think I'll add that, too.

I had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and it was pretty bland. I need to start adding pumpkin and other goodies like I see so many other bloggers doing. I like oatmeal for breakfast because it keeps me pretty filled up until lunch. I've all but cut out my coffee in the mornings. It's amazing how I don't miss it that much. Clyde used to always get up and fix coffee, so it was ready when I got up. But now that it's up to me to either set it the night before or prepare it in the mornings, I rarely do.

I think I'm going out again tonight. Jess goes to a club in Nashville on Thursday nights and she really wants me to go with her. I'm not really a "club" person, but I guess why not? Fun times and laughter is keeping me from thinking too much about Clyde and how broke I am.

Clyde called yesterday and he was suicidal. I cried for less than a minute after I got off the phone with him, and five minutes later I was okay and folding laundry. It was much later that I realized this was not my normal reaction to emotions surrounding my marriage. I don't feel guilty at all about being happy and relaxed while he is homeless and miserable. Maybe it means I'm really moving on. Or I'm just a cold bitch. I have no desire to take him back. I don't wish him dead, and I don't hate him. But I don't want to be with him anymore. Period.