Thursday, February 12, 2009

Preparation is a lot of work!

Last night I followed through with my plan to get on track with healthy eating. I went to Publix and only shopped the perimeter of the store. I bought oranges, apples, bananas, spinach, sweet potatoes, and strawberries. I got some Flat-out bread and lean turkey, one container of Greek yogurt (to try it), and a roast chicken for dinner tonight. I was very pleased after my trip to the grocery.

So after getting the FINAL load from the old house, we came home and I got my kitchen totally unpacked and cleaned and mopped. It felt great to have at least ONE room in the house done. So then I started getting my food prepped and journaled for today. Man, it took forever! Just the process of planning what I would eat, then writing it down and finding the point values took up a chunk of time. Then I had to find containers, and wrap everything up. But I did it, and this morning it was easy to just grab everything and go. Here's my menu so far:

1 1/2 c. strawberries - 1
1 pkt. high-fiber oatmeal - 3
10 oz. coffee w/ splenda & 4 tbs. creamer - 4

Wrap made with -
Flat Out bread - 1
7 slices deli turkey - 1
1 c. spinach - 0
mustard - 0
1 sl. RF colby-jack cheese - 1
Baked Sweet Potato w/ 1 tbs margarine & Splenda - 4

1 1/2 c. strawberries - 1
apple - 1
1 oz. walnuts - 5

So far that's 22 pts, which leaves me 14 points for dinner. For dinner I'm having a salad w/ roast chicken breast, but I'll still need to get my oils and dairy in so that should be plenty.

I just ate my breakfast, and those 7 grams of Fiber in the oatmeal is already making my stomach hurt! My body is probably in shock because I went from donuts to high-fiber oatmeal within a 12 hour period! But like always, my body will adjust and start feeling great. Tonight I will clean and unpack my living room, and I have plans to do an exercise DVD. Probably 10-minute Target Toning (I like that one).

On a side note: I haven't heard from Clyde since Sunday night. He never called me after the whole hospital thing on Monday. Every night I expect him to show up at my house, but I am ready for it and still plan to call the police. I spent some time yesterday looking up info about getting a legal separation. My gut tells me to save the money and just file for divorce. I'm so done with this man and this relationship.