Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have not been to a WW meeting since November. Although I loosely follow the principles, I have not been OP - counting points, journaling, 8 HG, etc. I have been DYING to find out about the new Momentum program because I've heard it focuses on "filling foods". We have a WW at Work meeting here at my school, but you have to pay for all the meetings up front, and I just haven't had that much cash at one time to join. And now with my schedule being so crazy b/c I have to pick up all the kiddos from school now, I would miss half the meeting anyway by the time I picked up my kids. SO, this morning I was looking through some mail that Clyde brought from my old house, and there was a brochure from WW in there with some coupons. There's one coupon that says "Join for $19". It caught my eye, because I happened to have $20! So when I looked up the available meeting times/locations, they have a meeting on Tuesdays at 5:30, and it says it's the same leader who does the At Work meetings (who I love). So I think I'm gonna go tonight!

WW can get expensive, but it works for me! When I got to meetings, I lose weight - bottom line. I really think I can scrape together $12 a week to go to WW, and now that I'm living back in city limits it's only about 5 minutes away from my house. I've been scraping up cigarette money for Clyde for the past several months (7 x $4 = $28), so I think I can find the money every week ($12) for WW.

Plus I am very interested in changing the food I eat. I really want to get away from processed junk and convenience food, even if it is low in points. I read so many blogs of people who eat clean, wholesome food and it looks so good to me! Exotic and out of my comfort zone, but good! Now that I am in charge of my kitchen and grocery shopping, I can stop buying a lot of junk and replace it with the good stuff.

What do you think?