Monday, February 2, 2009

Clean Slate

Yesterday when I was packing up my food to move from the old house to the new house, I made a decision. I would not be bringing any bad food with me to my new place. I have been "planning" for quite a while to cut down on processed foods. Well, there's no time like the present. I know I am not eating totally "clean", but it is a start. I left a lot of junk that I only buy because my husband likes it. Now that it's just me, I don't need it anymore.

I went to the grocery and did the same thing. I thought my son was going to hyperventilate when I told him I would not be buying cookies or Little Debbie snacks. My husband demands that we have them in the house at all times, and even though I try to buy types that I don't like, they are still tempting when I'm desperate. No more. I shopped for me and my kids. Healthy options, and quick meals that my kids like.

The whole shopping trip reminded me of how I used to grocery shop 5 years ago, when Clyde and I separated the last time. We were separated for almost a year (he left me that time), and during that time I lost about 50 lbs effortlessly. I only ate when I was hungry, and I loved to exercise at the gym. I made good choices when I was at home, because I only had good choices available. I have an opportunity to do that again. I can start with a clean slate.