Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Success isn't defined as how many times you fail; it's about getting up one more time!"

Thank you, Skye, for this great quote! Because today, I am getting up one more time. I blew it again yesterday! Dang! My intentions are so good when I get up, but throughout the day it gets worse and worse. Yesterday I was tired and sleepy, and ended up eating and eating and eating after I got home from work. I slept NINE hours last night, and still woke up tired this morning. I lost my temper this morning because I couldn't find my keys, and walked out of the house without my lunch or snacks. Good thing I have a SmartOnes here at work and plenty of FiberOne bars!

So today, I am going to catch up on blogs, because as MizFit reminded me, I have a whole blogworld out there that I can lean on. I am also going to work on my final paper for my last class this semester. I got about half of it done yesterday, so I'm off to a good start.