Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The damage...

I got back on the scale yesterday, and was at 308.6, which is up two lbs. I'll take it as a slap on the hand for all the bad food I stuffed in my body over a 7 day period. I'm glad it wasn't more. I'm already feeling stronger every day, and I know I'll be able to lose that plus some. I don't feel discouraged, but confident!

This afternoon I report to my first official day at my second job. I'll be working on the sales floor at Target, so I plan on being able to move/walk a lot on the job. The only thing that spooks me is the Starbucks on site. I got hungry during orientation on Saturday and had a Frappuccino (Sp?). It ended up being 8 pts! But I did see that they had light versions available for most of their drinks.