Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Being prepared!

Ok, so tonight is my first official night at my new job at Target. Although I'm excited to be moving around and being active while I work, since my shifts range from 4 - 11 p.m., I'm nervous on how I'm going to be able to eat healthy and make good dinner choices. I have Starbucks within Target, Taco Bell next door, and Wendy's across the street, so I decided to find NI so I can make good choices (just in case). My plan is to bring my dinner on days that I know I will get a break. There will be other days (like today) that I won't get a meal break because I'm only scheduled for 4 hours. My plan is to always have a plan! But just in case, I need good choices.

SO, I am armed and ready with the information I need for several choices written in my food journal.

I'm participating in DIETSODADIVA's Holiday Challenge and I'm psyched! I also made some long-term goals in my journal today for weight loss. It looked good to see a plan that would have me under 200 lbs. by January 2010 (worst case scenario/slow loss). Woo HOO!